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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is there a Local Music Wall?

    Local Music Wall was conceived on the fact that although there are thousands of local Artists in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba, there are very few ways in which these folks can present their talent and be discovered. There's so much talent here on the Prairies - always has been. We all know the names: Randy, Burton, Fred, Lenny, Tom, George and the list goes on. Our musical heritage is world famous and in many ways has put Winnipeg on the map. With the support of Community, we'd like to do all we can to inspire and carry forth in building our proud heritage for years and lifetimes to come. Unfortunately, sadly, many Artists and Bands have given up hope on being discovered by the masses or any Record Label. Ouch! Local Music Wall and proud Supporters invite all musicians of all kinds to take part in this brand new, faster approach to discovery and the business opportunity that comes with it. Got an original song in ya? Who knows, this could be your big break. Find the courage and let's run with it. With support from all, let's work together to try and make your song famous. Be sure to tell all musicians of this new mass approach to the discovery and popularity of local Music.
  2. What steps do I take in purchasing music?

    • Step One: You need to buy 'Listener Credits' to download music from the Local Music Wall. To do so, go to your 'Profile' page to see how many 'Listener Credits' you have in your account.

    • Step Two: If you need to buy more 'Listener Credits' click on 'Buy Listener Credits'. Provide your credit card information and select how many 'Listener Credits' you wish to buy. Click 'Buy More Listener Credits Now'.

    • Step Three: Go to the 'Music' page - use the alphabetical 'Search' buttons to find specific Artists. Open their page:

      • Select song
      • Sample it
      • Vote on it
      • Click on 'Buy (Song will download into the file of your choice on your computer.)
  3. Can any song be featured on the Local Music Wall and heard on 92 CITI FM?

    We encourage all local Artists and musicians who are serious about their music, with an unpublished song (a true original with no licensing or possible copy right infringement of any kind) to register and upload their song(s) to be featured on the Local Music Wall and heard on 92 CITI FM.
  4. How is the scoring of songs tabulated?

    While it is difficult to quantify the quality of a piece of art, we have devised a proprietary algorithm that places the burden of judgment on you, the Local Music enthusiast. Each song is scored and ranked on our chart and posted in real-time. In assigning a score to a song, our algorithm considers several factors: the total number of purchases, the number of people who have voted on the song, the songs average vote value (i.e. Love, Like, Neutral, etc.) and the amount of exposure time. None of these factors by themselves are enough to push a song to the top of the chart, but in combination they reveal a work's ranking relative to others that have been submitted.
  5. Who has final say on whether a song will be aired on the radio or not?

    92 CITI FM and their music department have final say on all music played on air. There is no "pay for play" element associated. 92 CITI FM at its sole discretion decides on songs to be aired. However, songs with increasing scores on the Local Music Wall Chart will be considered highly.
  6. How much of the fee does the Artist receive?

    The serious Artist first registers and pays a set-up fee of $9.99 to buy one (1) 'Artist Credit' allowing for one song to be uploaded and registered with Local Music Wall. Or, the Artist can pay a set-up fee of $26.97 to buy three (3) 'Artist Credits' for three songs uploaded (@ $8.99 per song). Or, the Artist can pay a set-up fee of $39.95 to buy five (5) 'Artist Credits' for five songs uploaded (@ $7.99 per song). Songs can uploaded at will. (The more songs uploaded, the less the fee is per song). The fee collected is from the credit card holder of the Artist or Business Partner. Of all monies earned from the sale of Artist recordings/song(s), the Artist receives 100% of the base rate paid (after credit card processing fees) until the initial set-up fee is recouped. From there on, the Artist receives 75% of all Artist song sales from the Local Music Wall and all other uses. These payments are made to the artist on a quarterly basis in US Dollars, and a cheque will be sent to the Artists/Business Manager's credit card billing address. The remaining 25% goes to the support and promotion of Local Music Wall. To make it easier for the consumer to buy multiple songs using their Credit Card, "promotional bundling" of songs are offered to consumers at the single unit rate of $0.99 each or five songs for $0.89 each. For the purposes of compensation to the Artists, the rate of $0.89 has been chosen as the base rate per song. All amounts due are calculated after credit card processing fees have been deducted.
  7. As an Artist, how could my song become a hit?

    Local Music Wall invites all music enthusiasts to go online to sample your music, vote on it and purchase it. The more who do so in a favorable way, the higher the score of the song on the Local Music Wall Chart. Radio programmers and record executives constantly review the scores on the Local Music Wall Chart looking to find new popular songs to take to the mainstream. The true emphasizes on the success of your song is on you. The better the song yes, but the platform of "working" your song now exists. By all means, spread the word. Encourage family, friends and fans to sample, vote and buy your music.
  8. As an Artist, how often can I go into my account and update my profile or upcoming Gigs?

    The Artist account is set up to handle the user name and password of the credit card holder. Access to your account to upload new songs, edit your profile or post new Gigs is available 24/7.
  9. As a Music Enthusiast, can I share files?

    We'd prefer you not. It sort of defeats the whole purpose. You've heard the phrase "starving musicians". Well, most of the local Artists and Musicians being on the Local Music Wall are not flush with cash. They are at the beginning of their career where every penny counts. We thank you for being honorable in your support.
  10. Having issues with the program?

    Contact us HERE
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